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Training Options

Currently, we offer the following training options:

On Site Training
We can train your CorrFlow® system administrators and users at your site in a two part course for CorrFlow® Lite (2 days), CorrFlow® Pro (3 days), or CorrFlow® Enterprise (4 days). Many of our customers ask for a one-day system administrator course to be taught on a Monday, followed by dual End-User courses to be taught Tuesday-Friday of the following week: four half-day morning sessions and four half-day afternoon sessions. This permits training twice the number of students as our normal course schedule and only requires a student to be away from their normal job for half a day at a time. Costs of travel & accommodations are additional for clients not in the Chicago metropolitan area. We install your system on the morning of the first training day, if it is not already installed. System administrators are trained in the first day (Lite and Pro) or the first two days (Enterprise Wide Area Network). We can teach up to four system administrators in a single class. You may include third party consultants or software support organizations in this class, if you wish. User training is conducted during the next day (Lite) or the next two to four days (Pro and Enterprise). We can teach up to twelve students in a single class, either having their own PC's (or UNIX terminals) or sharing terminals between pairs of students.

Training at Infopro Offices
You may send students to classes we hold near Aurora, Illinois (one hour drive West of Chicago). Students should bring their own notebook computers to get the most out of the course (and so they can continue to practice and study back at their hotel rooms). However, we can supply desktop computers at no additional charge if students are not able to bring their own computers.

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