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Correspondence Tracking System
Don't let the daily shuffle of paperwork compromise your responsiveness!
Use CorrFlow® as a management tool to boost your responsiveness and productivity.

CorrFlow® is multiuser, correspondence tracking software written by Infopro to meet your phone, fax, and mail correspondence, and action assignment tracking needs. Developed for 5 to 500+ user systems, CorrFlow® provides easy entry of correspondence, assignment details, document attachments, fast query by assorted dates, subjects, locations, and classifications, comprehensive reporting, and configurable security access by user.

CorrFlow® started out as one of several products that our company offers. Through several modification, enhancements over the years, the product has matured enough in features, functionality, and flexibility that eventually, it spins out as a stand-alone, off-the-shelf package with its own website. The product can be adapted to several working environments right out of the box, or can be configured easily and flexibly to meet customers' needs.

CorrFlow® is a living and growing product. Every year, CorrFlow® is revised with a variety of minor enhancements. Every second year, CorrFlow® is given a major revision with many new features. Your input is important. We listen to your suggestions and try to incorporate them into CorrFlow® in a flexible manner that would work with most of our customers. Most new features can be enabled, disabled, or tailored by your System Administrators. We hope that you will enjoy working with CorrFlow® for many years to come. It is designed to be nearly self-maintaining and run continuously. It is designed for both small and large environments alike. With your help, CorrFlow® will continue to improve and serve your correspondence tracking needs better each year!

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