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Training Recommendations

Training is not a mandatory requirement with CorrFlow®. We have four manuals which are delivered in PDF format as part of product licensing:

  • User Guide
  • System Administrator Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Self-Guided Tour

Although, historically, only one of our customers has not taken advantage of our training courses, this customer was still able to successfully bring up our product, configure it and run with it.

However, we recommend 16 hours of training for End-Users of CorrFlow® and CorrFlow® Enterprise. This can be conducted at eight hours per day over a period of two days, or it can be conducted at four hours per day over a period of four days. The latter four day schedule permits training two parallel classes each day, thereby doubling the number of students who can be trained.

Additionally, we recommend six hours of CorrFlow® installation, configuration, and System Administrator training to be done in advance of the End-User course. For Wide Area Network installations, we require an additional six hours of installation and testing time together with your network specialists.

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