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Adhoc Query

Adhoc query is an important feature in several programs in CorrFlow®. It allows you to perform ad hoc inquiries with selection criteria, totalling and printing quickly and easily. Not only can you design ad hoc inquiries in a few minutes, these queires can also be stored in a dictionary in the system so that you can retrieve and run them again later. Additionally, you might specify permission for each report to indicate which queries can be run by other users, and which ones are private to yourself.

Stored inquiries can be accessed easily through the library window:

List Report Library Window
List Report Library Window (click to enlarge)

New inquiries can be designed easily using drag-and-drop in the Design Window

List Report Design Window
List Report Design Window (click to enlarge)

The query result is shown in a nicely displayed window with highlighted color to seperate different records, with options for users to sort columns, edit data, etc.

List Report View Window
List Report View Window (click to enlarge)

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