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CorrFlow®'s Features
CorrFlow® is sold in three packages:

CorrFlow® Lite contains these features:
  • All basic correspondence tracking features, including:
    • all correspondence organized into electronic folders
    • folders contain: coversheet, assignments, and notes
    • correspondence classified by user designed categories
    • assignments classified by user designed actions
    • dates tracked:
      • correspondence received
      • correspondence written
      • correspondence due (overall for entire folder)
      • correspondence folder completed/closed
      • assignment made
      • assignment due
      • assignment completed
    • ability to search folders, assignments, notes
    • ability to query by combinations of search keys
    • database of "standard" correspondents
  • Unlimited correspondence folders
  • Up to 999 assignments per correspondence item
  • Up to 999 extended notes per correspondence item
  • Unlimited "regular" correspondents and "one-time" correspondents
  • Standard reports on open/past due/completed correspondence
  • Standard reports on open/past due/completed assignments
  • Flexible (user-designed) ad-hoc queries and reports
  • Purge old data

CorrFlow® Pro adds these features:
  • Document attachments may be added to folders:
    • scanned images (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, BMP, etc.)
    • email
    • word processing documents (MS-Word, WordPerfect, etc.)
    • spreadsheets (Excel, Quattro Pro, etc.)
    • Adobe Acrobat forms (PDF)
    • more
  • User security:
    • user type: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, System Administrator
    • organization restrictions for view and/or modify of folder contents:
      • personal
      • location/department
      • division/business unit
      • global/company-wide
    • proxies for vacation/absence
    • manager / staff supervision
  • Archiving: On-line and Off-line
  • Flexible configuration
  • Automatic Event notification (similar to email)
    • added to folders to show who was notified about what
    • optional automated folder and assignment completions
  • Duplicate correspondence checking
  • Public/Private designation for each attachment, note, and assignment 
  • Access Logs for Privacy Compliance
  • Configuration and archive policies per department

CorrFlow® Enterprise adds these features:
  • Multiple databases, individually secured
  • ODBC access
  • Central Monitoring of Remote User Activity
  • TCP/IP Data Server w/encryption
  • Support of both WAN and LAN operation
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